kenard saint-jean

V.P of Sales and Marketing

Visionary, self-reliant, focused…these are a few words to describe Kenard Saint-Jean. An accomplished leader with 30+ years of experience in Management, retails, Sales, Global Sales and Marketing. Kenard Saint-Jean has earned a reputation as a highly valuable leader with a propensity to drive revenue, build highly productive teams.  Kenard Saint-Jean offers a wealth of experience in all facets of business management and serves as a gateway to profitability and success.


Jasmine Hurey

Director of HR and Recruitment

Mrs. Jasmine Hurey is director of HR & Recruitment. Mrs Hurey has a BA and master’s degree in education. Prior to working at Taxbiz USA, Mrs. Hurey has worked in the school system for over 20 years, starting as a teacher and within 5 years quickly promoted as the school principal, where she has excelled and won a plethora of honors and awards. She has been a Peer Group Leader and was voted CyFair ISD Elementary Outstanding Mentor of the year in 2017/18 in Houston, Texas. She is a God fearing virtuous woman, a devoted wife of 17 years to her husband John and an amazing mother to her 3 wonderful children Samson, Cooper and Eva. She has been a volunteer for Hope Worldwide & M.E.R.C.Y. She enjoys sharing hope and love, teaching, mentoring youth, couples and parents in their relationships. Her skills to recognize talent and her alignment with Taxbiz USA vision has made her a perfect addition to our Management team.


Beth McNeil


God fearing, passionate, innovator ,motivator and ethical,. These are a few qualities used to describe our Founder and CEO Beth McNeil , EA, CTR. She is a mother, wife and leader in her community, Mrs. McNeil’s love for problem solving and helping fellow christians has made her business a ministry in the community. Her motto is “we are in the tax resolution business, not in the client retention business”. With over 15 year of experience in the industry, she has mastered her winning approach with the IRS, which has resulted in 10s of millions of dollars in saving for her clients. Although her company has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 10 years, she remain involved in every case to ensure her clients receive her personal touch.


Maria Marquez

Senior Tax Analyst

Maria Marquez is a senior tax analyst who started her career as a tax Preparer in her senior year of high school and quickly realized this was the path she wanted to follow. More than her role as a Senior Tax Analyst, Her Character, ethics, and moral standards has allowed her to effectively persuade and influence high-ranking individual to trust and respect her judgments. she brings to TaxBiz USA a wealth of knowledge in Tax Preparation for Individuals , corporate and entity structures. Her long-term goal is to become the highest accredited IRS Enrolled Agent. Her motto is “I can’t wait to see what the future hold!”


Hubert Xavier

Certified Public Accountant

Mr Hubert C Xavier is a Certified Public Accountant, licensed in the state of Maryland and Virginia. Mr Xavier migrated from Bangladesh to the United States of America in 2007 and he is proud to be an American! Mr Xavier is a devoted Husband to his wife Nilima of 21 years, a loving father to his children John, Joseph and Jessie and is very active in his community. Mr Xavier has over 10 years of experience in the industry and bring to Taxbiz USA a wealth of knowledge and experience. He joined TaxBiz USA as a Sr. accountant and Adviser. His passion for helping others, professionalism, work ethic and eager to learn has made his transition to TaxBiz USA culture and vision seamless. We are excited to have him in our team!


Courtney McNeil

Office and Account Manager

Customer Service Representative with 10 years of experience in general office support and outstanding customer care. Provide Accounting services with 5 years of experience  in Quickbooks bookkeeper and collecting payments. Provide HR functions ie… Conditions of Employment, Position Management, Payroll, and Benefits. Courtney inspires to grow within TaxBiz USA, to continue to Educate herself, co-workers, new-hires and her community. Her main focus is to assist her clients in whatever possible outcome

Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality. We welcome you to contact us anytime.

Get the detailed attention that you need from an experienced accountant at TaxBiz USA. If you’d like more information or if you’re ready for us to get started, give us a call today for an appointment or to further discuss your options.


Mission Vision and Values

Mission Statement

We are a Faith based tax resolution firm whose mission is to provide purpose driven financial services that improves lives. We do this holistically, by treating the symptom (the tax issue) while teaching principles and techniques to our client that will help them avoid the cause of their tax issues in the future… Our commitment to community means we’re invested in the empowering our clients with the knowledge to ensure their long-term financial success.

Our dedication to five principles:
Integrity, Quality, Professionalism’ while maintaining the highest levels of Transparency and Empathy allow us to create an environment in which our staff enjoy working and that’s welcoming to our clients.
When Taxbiz USA resolves a client’s tax issues with the IRS and provide them with sound tax planning training they can use after their issue is resolved. We leave the community a better place, one individual, family, or business at a time.

Vision Statement

To create a dynamic, open work environment that encourages collaboration among teams, the innovation of ideas, and challenges staff to exceed expectation and pursue excellence. Taxbiz USA office brand will come to stand for experts in tax code, honest and ethical handling of clients, excellent customer service and professionalism.

To be ranked in top 5 preferred tax resolution (Tax Relief) firm in the MidAtlantic region within the next 3 years.

A Taxbiz USA office within every state within the Mid-Atlantic region.

To be ranked in top 5 firm tax resolution (Tax Relief) firms’ for providing comprehensive tax planning and business services to individuals, families, and businesses.

Our Values

  • Quality – in our work to provide excellent service to our clients.
  • Integrity – in the ability to stand proudly behind our words and work.
  • Punctuality – in responding to our customers and delivering services
  • Empathy – in understanding our clients and being attentive to their concerns.
  • Flexible and adaptive to meet the needs of our ever-evolving industry.
  • Collaboration – communicating effectively within our team to provide our
    clients with the best service.
  • Passionate – about helping, healing, and improving the community one client at
    a time.
  • Education – learning the latest tax codes changes to ensure were subject matter
    experts in our field of work.