Simplified Tax Resolution
Simplified Tax Resolution
Overcoming the Fear of Receiving an IRS letter

Have you ever received a letter from the IRS requesting information from you? So many different reactions and thoughts obviously go through your mind. Maybe you believe you may have done something wrong and you’re wondering where to begin. Or maybe you’re starting to feel as though you’re no longer in control of your money. After all, the IRS has the authority to garnish your earnings to cover tax debt. This can all be quite overwhelming, especially if you were never expecting to receive such mail at all! This is why we knew we had to discuss this topic on the Simplified Tax Resolution Podcast

The list of reactions above is the tip of the iceberg. There is an actual well-documented fear of taxes and the IRS known as forosophobia. Because of it, individuals have been known to procrastinate out of fear after receiving an IRS letter. Instead of taking action, trauma sets in based on the false belief that any response could lead to more penalties administered by the IRS. Although it may be uncomfortable and scary, we as tax-paying citizens and residents are obligated to respond to IRS inquiries after they’ve been received.

Having apprehension is understandable but don’t let the ordeal be consuming. Though you feel isolated and vulnerable, you can turn that feeling into peace after acknowledging that reaching out for the right kind of help could do a world of good for you. The reality is that the fear and anxiety alone will not solve your issues. If you’re struggling on where to start, look for a trusted tax resolution company like Tax Biz USA for insight on what can be done and how soon.

The longer you wait, the worse your IRS challenges can become. In all honesty, reaching out to the right group of professionals could be the difference between having your problem solved sooner or having a lingering issue over your head that remains for months, or even years. Tax Biz USA is the perfect group to offer the correct response to the IRS while helping you identify all the documentation you need to address the specific inquiries.

Tax Biz USA wants to partner with you to take on the burden from IRS and tax troubles. Our professionals are skilled experts trained to identify the root of your tax woes and apply a resolution for you so that you do not have to live by fear when it comes to the IRS and tax season. Rest assured that you are not alone in your situation and that Tax Biz USA can be entrusted with managing your intimate financial details with care and compassion.

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